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Instance Size

Instance size impacts the compute resources assigned to your Stack. Need something bigger than Level 3? Contact us for a custom quote.

100GB/month bandwidth cap
100GB storage (after compression)
1-10 devices
5,000 tags
500 tag changes/second
10 concurrent clients

1TB/month bandwidth cap
1TB storage (after compression)
1-100 devices
50,000 tags
5,000 tag changes/second
50 concurrent clients

2TB/month bandwidth cap
2TB storage (after compression)
1-100 devices
150,000 tags
10,000 tag changes/second
100 concurrent clients

Edge Devices

Edge devices provide store-and-forward support and local fallback control in the event of connectivity loss. 4IR-leased edge devices can run either Ignition by Inductive Automation® or Ignition Edge™.


Supply your own cloud instance and edge device licensing or purchase through 4IR. Third-party modules from Sepasoft® and Cirrus Link Solutions, LLC are also supported.

Reuse existing licenses or purchase additional licenses from Inductive Automation®

Purchase licensing through 4IR, including supported Third-Party Strategic Partner modules


We offer optional Site-to-Site (IPsec) and Point-to-Site (OpenVPN) options for heightened security between your sites and the cloud.

All traffic will just be TLS-encrypted

Our edge devices include a built-in OpenVPN client that may be used

IPsec requires a compatible device at the site that must be configured

Disaster Recovery

Choose the backup option that best serves your risk tolerance.

7-day rolling backups of all data in the live system

7-day rolling backups of all data in the live system, as well as 3 years of cold storage

7-day rolling backups of all data in the live system, as well as 7 years of cold storage

Support Level

We offer enhanced 24x7 support for your critical uptime needs.

Get best-effort support via email during weekdays (9am-5pm Eastern)

Get 24x7 support with a 2-hour response time target

Selected Options
Subscription: FactoryStack Core
Instance Size: Level 1
Edge Devices: 0
Licensing: Bring Your Own
VPN: None
Disaster Recovery: No Cold Storage
Support Level: Weekday - Email
Estimated Costs
Recurring Cost: $0.00/month* when billed annually
Up-Front Cost: $0.00
Contact Information
* Pricing assumes a minimum one-year commitment. This estimate does not include sales tax or licensing for Ignition by Inductive Automation®, Ignition Edge™, or Third-Party Strategic Partner modules.
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