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4IR Solutions is the leading provider of Cloud-based Platform Solutions for Manufacturing to enable Digitalization and embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our Story

For decades, the presence of data silos has created a multitude of challenges for manufacturing companies. Critical data must be manually entered—sometimes in multiple places—which is highly prone to error and ties up labor resources from spending time on more valuable activities. Plant managers and corporate teams lack visibility into how their plants are running, which impacts, or altogether prevents, timely decision making. Siloed systems lack central security management and monitoring, resulting in potential attack vectors for external bad actors or disgruntled employees. The presence of any or all of these challenges has historically made it very difficult for companies to compete in a fast-changing marketplace, requiring heroics—and a lot of luck—to keep production up and running.

Fast-forward to today. The great leap that is the Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to significant advances in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the (Industrial) Internet of Things (IIoT), Digital Twin & Simulation, and Cloud Computing—all of which have real, practical use cases in the manufacturing industry, and all of which require unprecedented levels of reliable and scalable connectivity in order to succeed.

4IR Solutions has created solutions that enable rapid adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies by manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs, while minimizing their capital expenditures and, more importantly, reducing the amount of time it takes to realize the value from those solutions.

Executive Leadership

James Burnand


James has spent the last 20 years in a variety of roles serving the Life Science and other regulated industries. His knowledge of process, packaging, cyber security and IT applications has provided James with deep understanding and unique context. James and his team were early adopters of the Ignition® platform and have been demonstrating the unique value that can be achieved using a blend of modern and progressive IT-centric tools to create solutions for manufacturers.

Joseph Dolivo


Joseph has spent more than a decade in the industrial automation space, focused on driving operational improvements via data acquisition, analytics, and cloud adoption. Within the Ignition community, Joseph has partnered with Sepasoft® to develop the Sepasoft® Business Connector and Interface for SAP ERP modules, a best-in-class enterprise connectivity solution for the Ignition® platform.

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