Intelligent OT Systems, At Scale

We blend IT and OT together to create a seamless and easy-to-use experience in the cloud or on premise using hybrid cloud.  We operate in your cloud tenant or ours, seamlessly.

hybrid cloud

Isolation, Scalability, and Automation

Each 4IR subscriber has their own private network and cloud services. These include database, source code management, authentication, backups, applications and more! You get the isolation of your own private system while harnessing the benefits of the cloud.

Whether you are running a small pilot system or looking to scale out to a full enterprise-grade system, our core architecture is fundamentally the same.We've designed our systems to seamlessly grow and scale with the needs of your business.

We use automated tools to orchestrate and manage customer environments. This makes scalability a breeze and also allow us to automate common management tasks.  We manage at scale and pass those benefits along to you.

stay agile & secure

Flexibility and Security

Security is designed into the core of our products.  We follow the principle of least privilege and enforce strong governance policies.  Our architectures implement the documented best practices of cloud vendors and application vendors, with multi-factor authentication, DevOps and active monitoring provided out of the box.

Integration with other cloud services and applications is a breeze with FactoryStack and PharmaStack.  We include commonly used tools but expose APIs to make it easy to integrate other cloud-based tools for things like data lakes, analytics and AI.

under the hood

How It Works

4IR customizes FactoryStack and PharmaStack to fit your needs

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Spend less time managing, and more time building.

Smarter Management

Spend more time optimizing your productivity knowing that your infrastructure is completely managed.

Enhanced Security

Best-in-class security and encryption so you can feel confident knowing that your data is fully secure.

Flexible & Scalable

Scale your plant floor systems seamlessly using the cloud. Upgrade and deploy systems worry free.

Quick Deployment

Efficiently leverage DevOps for rapid release and deployment​. Onboarding completed in one day for fast time to value.

Seamless Automation

Seamless automation that creates a simple experience for end users and service providers.


Adapt to a constantly-evolving industry and stay agile enough to pivot quickly with confidence and security.

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