Industrial Cloud Readiness Assessment

Improve your operation's industrial cloud readiness with our comprehensive Industrial Cloud Readiness Assessment.

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Your Roadmap to the Cloud

We provide you with a detailed custom “Roadmap to the Cloud” to assist you in making the transition to the cloud. Included in a typical deliverable is the following types of information:

Savings opportunity identification

Alignment of best practices vs. current state

Standards-based architecture design based on goals

Introduction of new services in alignment with industry direction

Vendor cloud readiness and multi-stage migration

Recommendations for other technology vendors (network, application, authentication, etc.)

Assessment Process


We use the Identify step to gather initial information, goals, and ensure that the direction we are taking will be tightly coupled to the end goals of your business.

This includes:
• Identifying Opportunities
• Documenting Business Cases
• Sharing Industry Trends


We gather information from your plant-floor and related IT systems.  

This will typically include the following:
• OT Architecture
• OT Applications
• Data Landscape
• Constraints


We use the information gathered to evaluate the ideal operational scenario.  

This includes considerations such as:
• Technology Alignment
• Industry Best Practices
• Technical Debt


We provide a presentation and a documented “Roadmap to the Cloud”.

• Technology Evaluation and Roadmap
• Reference Architecture

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Digitalization Opportunities

Cyber Security

• Patch Management
• Version / Update
• Management
• Network / Device Monitoring
• Endpoint Protection

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Asset Management

• Performance
• Asset Modeling / Inventory
• Quality Management

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• Physical Hardware • Replacement
• Virtual Machine Management
• Scalability & Cost

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Cloud Resources


Total Users


Total Funding


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