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Inductive Automation Solution Partner for Ignition.

4IR Solutions provides an easy way to deploy Ignition and its partner ecosystem into the cloud via a fully managed solution.

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Benefits of Using
4IR Solutions & Ignition:

Scale Seamlessly

Seamlessly scale your plant floor systems with edge and hybrid cloud-based Ignition and cloud-native services

Fully Managed

Spend more time focusing on your operations knowing that 4IR Solutions is managing and monitoring your systems 24/7


4IR Solutions offers custom architectures and deployment options for a variety of use cases

Expert Support

Complementing IA's own team of experts, the specialists at 4IR Solutions offer consulting and support throughout all phases of your cloud journey

Ignition Cloud Edition

Enterprise-Grade Ignition in the Cloud

4IR offers full support of Ignition Cloud Edition. As the managed infrastructure Solution Partner for Inductive Automation we can also help you deploy and manage your enterprise system with the confidence of knowing your architecture is fully scalable and follows all the best practices from Inductive Automation, Microsoft and Amazon.

Industrial Hybrid Cloud Consulting

Identify Opportunities

Providing real world examples and use cases for cloud technology on the plant floor.

Align With Business Goals

Aligning technical capabilities against real world business problems and identifying the opportunities for innovation and savings.

Custom Roadmap

Distilling complex architectures and initiatives into manageable steps as a part of the roadmap.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our partners Inductive Automation, Grantek, & Opto 22 trust our platform to deliver efficient and exceptional results for their clients.

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"We are impressed with 4IR Solutions’ comprehensive hybrid cloud platform, FactoryStack™.

Using FactoryStack™ makes us more secure, lets us keep track of changes easier, and saves us time and money with their comprehensive management. It’s a game changer for plant floor applications."
— Jean-Paul Moniz
Cameco Fuel Manufacturing, Inc
Because efficient solutions shouldn't be complicated.

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4IR's FactoryStack™ platform is exciting for us. We're looking forward to implementing it for many customers.
Ian Tooke
VP of Strategy at Grantek