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4IR Solutions Releases PharmaStack Platform

BETHLEHEM, PA (June 27, 2022)

4IR Solutions releases its first revision of PharmaStack™, a curated Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) for life science companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers that makes easy control from the cloud possible. Built on the FactoryStack™ core, PharmaStack™ provides enhanced functional building blocks, data integrity policies, and documentation that enables the development of fully 21 CFR Part 11-compliant solutions. The modern Platform-as-a-Service uses a combination of best-in-class applications and a DevSecOps framework to deliver a secure, scalable, and fully managed digitized platform.

PharmaStack™ combines the power of Ignition with the flexibility, availability, and security of the Cloud, while removing complexities. This allows manufacturers to easily digitize their factories and is powered by Inductive Automation's Ignition®, an industrial automation toolset that allows users to connect to PLCs, devices, databases and more. Users can deploy complex SCADA applications, monitor their equipment from a mobile device, compare performance across multiple lines and facilities, and receive notifications for downtime or other critical alarms, all while benefiting from industry-leading security features.

About 4IR Solutions

4IR Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions for manufacturing to enable digitalization and embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 4IR Solutions has created solutions that enable rapid adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies by manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs, while minimizing their capital expenditures and, more importantly, reducing the amount of time it takes to realize the value from those solutions.

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