4IR Solutions to Join Ignition Community Live

Joseph Dolivo, Principal of Digital Transformation, at 4IR Solutions will be joining Inductive Automation’s Ignition Community Live on May 5, 2020. “Ignition Community Live with 4IR Solutions: Energize Your Enterprise - Centralized Connectivity with the Business Connector Suite” will outline how Ignition and the Sepasoft Business Connector Suite can break down data silos across the enterprise and supercharge your business.

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About 4IR Solutions

4IR Solutions is the leading provider of Life Sciences and enterprise integration consulting services for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - and beyond. 4IR Solutions delivers solutions that improve productivity in the heavily regulated Life Sciences industry while adhering to regulations around electronic signatures, audit trailing, and data integrity. 4IR provides customized solutions and thought leadership to help firms navigate the regulatory complexity, while ultimately closing the digital gap. 4IR Solutions is based in Massachusetts. For more information, visit 4ir-solutions.com.

About Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation creates industrial software that empowers organizations to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles. By cross-pollinating IT with SCADA technologies, Inductive Automation created Ignition software, the first universal industrial application platform with unlimited potential. Ignition empowers industrial organizations around the world and in virtually every industry, with an outstanding software platform and top-notch support. For more information, visit inductiveautomation.com.

4IR Solutions
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