4IR Solutions to Lead Online Training with Sepasoft™

Joseph Dolivo, Principal of Digital Transformation at 4IR Solutions, will join Sepasoft to teach a 3-day course on ERP connectivity from March 23-25, 2021. Joseph will join Sepasoft™ for the training on Sepasoft™’s Web Services and Business Connector Modules. Joseph will be leading the training on the Sepasoft™ Interface for SAP ERP module.

This online instructor-led training provides an overview of Sepasoft™ modules, design patterns, and best practices when implementing MES solutions, and completes the training with the creation of an MES project.

Sepasoft™ is a 4IR Solutions partner who provides a modular approach to building Enterprise-Class MES solutions using our OEE, Track & Trace, SPC, and Recipe & Changeover Modules. The result is a custom solution tailored for your manufacturing needs that integrates nicely with your ERP, Inventory Management, and Asset Management Systems.

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