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4IR Solutions Partners with Flow Software to Deliver Enhanced Platform-as-a-Service Offerings

4IR Solutions Partners with Flow Software to Deliver Enhanced Platform-as-a-Service Offerings

BETHLEHEM, PA (October 10, 2023)

Today, 4IR Solutions, a leader in facilitating the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, announces an exciting partnership with Flow Software, an expert in developing analytics software tailored for manufacturing and operations. Their platform as a service offerings, FactoryStack and PharmaStack, will be further enhanced by integrating Flow Software into their core of supported software.

"We're excited to partner with 4IR, leveraging their robust infrastructure management and deep expertise across crucial sectors like life sciences and various manufacturing processes. Their knowledge enables seamless integration and optimal utilization of Industry 4.0 technologies, ensuring decision makers always have the right information in front of them," says Jeff Knepper, President of Flow Software.

The partnership between Flow Software and 4IR Solutions is engineered to unlock new dimensions of value for stakeholders, intertwining advanced analytics with a streamlined, intelligent platform. Manufacturers will gain from an enriched platform that morphs data into actionable insights and anticipatory forecasts, enabling them to navigate through the intricate landscape of the digital industrial future.

"We are so excited to partner with Flow Software.  Their analytics software is a great extension to our platforms and will help all of our clients to realize value from the data they have been collecting. Putting the right information in front of the right people, at the right time always leads to better decision making" says James Burnand, CEO of 4IR Solutions

About 4IR Solutions

4IR Solutions champions the rapid adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies by manufacturers, system integrators, and OEMs, significantly minimizing their capital expenditures and time to realize value from these solutions. The company embodies values of collaboration, transparency, integrity, and knowledge, creating a fertile ground for innovative solutions that propel manufacturing into the future. Under the proficient leadership of CEO James Burnand and CTO Joseph Dolivo, 4IR Solutions continues to carve out pathways that align technological advancements with practical, impactful solutions for the manufacturing sector.

About Flow Software

Flow Software creates analytics software specifically for manufacturing and operations. Their solutions easily connect to operational databases and real-time data servers, facilitating the creation of vital KPIs to optimize manufacturing plants. Teams utilize Flow to enhance production efficiency, boost quality, initiate maintenance tickets, and monitor utilities and raw material consumption. It has the capability to track downtime, monitor adherence to production plans, and forecast future values, aiding operations in foreseeing upcoming challenges. Once Flow connects to a data source or creates a new KPI, it acts as a hub, sharing data with other applications and individuals across the entire enterprise.

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