Why We Are Excited About Ignition Cloud Edition

We at 4IR have been working with Ignition in the cloud for a while now, and the platform is amazing. We have a strong appreciation for how companies have been using Ignition and why Ignition Cloud Edition is such an important new release from Inductive Automation. We’d love to share some of that insight with you in this post.

Ignition Cloud Edition Adoption

Firstly, Ignition in the cloud is something that is being done today. We have seen customers that have deployed Ignition in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and in private cloud for years. These companies realized that the architecture of Ignition and its power as a platform have made Ignition into an ideal tool for centralizing data, deploying large enterprise OT applications, and providing centralized visualization of their data.  

This idea and architecture of Ignition at every level – from edge, to on-prem, to the cloud – creates a high level of usability and consistency of data modeling. By leveraging open standards like MQTT with Sparkplug 3.0, Ignition has not only made data easier to ingest into other analytics systems but has enabled new applications and approaches that were either too cumbersome or too expensive before. Ignition Edge has created an entire ecosystem of rugged hardware appliances that connect the last mile to the plant floor, provide store-and-forward data buffering, and can operate as a local interface for both regular use and if there is a disconnection from the cloud.

Ignition Cloud Edition Benefits

Ignition Cloud Edition is going to take Ignition further. The addition of many native connectors for common cloud tools like Kafka and MongoDB is now going to make two-way communication with enterprise databases, message brokers, data lakes and analytics tools a simple reality. You will be able to deploy Cloud Edition using your own cloud subscription and be able to integrate it into your enterprise landscape. If you aren’t a cloud expert, or would prefer someone who’s mastered this space, that’s where 4IR comes in. We bundle Cloud Edition with important functions such as integrated Disaster Recovery, Single Sign-On, DevOps, Managed Databases, Updates/Service Packs and the ability to add other custom applications.  

  • Easy deployment into existing cloud subscriptions
  • Easy integration with cloud-native services via new connectors
  • Flexible, consumption-based licensing model


How FactoryStack Works with Ignition Cloud Edition

FactoryStack is a "Platform-As-A-Service" offering. It includes the software, configuration, management, updates, security and 24/7 support you need to confidently operate Ignition and/or Ignition Cloud Edition. This includes operating both on your plant floor and your enterprise by using hybrid cloud architectures. In addition, every FactoryStack instance comes with fully integrated source control, full (and tested) disaster recovery/backups, pre-configured relational and time-series optimized databases and native integration to Office365 for credentials. Optionally, users can customize FactoryStack to include additional/custom software, full DevOps environments and multi-region deployments.

Benefits of Using Ignition Cloud Edition with FactoryStack

The combination of FactoryStack and Ignition Cloud Edition makes the journey to the cloud faster, more secure and sustainable.

  • Hassle-free maintenance with upgrades, patching, and backups provided out of the box
  • Holistic solution that provides everything you need with Ignition, including time-series database and version control  
  • Peace of mind from 24x7 monitoring of your critical infrastructure

Official Inductive Automation Solution Partner

"At Inductive Automation, we understand that companies need not only a great platform but a full ecosystem in their Digital Transformation journey. That’s why we’re committed to working with top-tier partners and programs that strengthen the Ignition ecosystem. We’ve worked with Sepasoft, Inc. and 4IR Solutions for many years and we know that they are experts in their fields and in Ignition. Their powerful solutions allow Ignition users to quickly increase efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and scalability," -Kevin McClusky, Chief Technology Architect at Inductive Automation.

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If you're curious about how Ignition Cloud Edition, FactoryStack, and your existing software can all work cohesively together please don't hesitate to reach out! We also provide consulting for organizations looking to digitally transform their operations and adopt a cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

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We’re excited to see the wonderful new things that the Ignition community will build with these new tools and the additional benefits they will bring to companies on their Digital Transformation journey.  

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