Native Electronic Signature Support: Joseph Dolivo, CTO of 4IR Solutions, Featured by Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation has featured Joseph Dolivo, CTO of 4IR Solutions, in a recent guest blog post. Joseph shared has thoughts on electronic signature support for Life Sciences manufacturers as it relates to Inductive Automation’s new Ignition 8.1.16 release. This guest blog post is titled: “Native Electronic Signature Support – A Breakthrough for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

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With 8.1.16, Ignition now provides a powerful framework for collecting electronic signatures from Identity Providers. Future releases will build on this framework by adding deeper integration with existing Ignition features like the tag and auditing systems, making it easier to support common use cases and to meet other Part 11 requirements.
- Joseph Dolivo, CTO at 4IR Solutions, Inductive Automation Blog, April 2022

4IR Solutions was also featured on an episode of Inductive Automation’s Ignition Community Live. Joseph and James Burnand, the CEO of 4IR Solutions, discussed practical ways to use Ignition to achieve digital transformation. Watch a recording of the Ignition Community Live episode here:

The newly released Ignition 8.1.16 introduces native support for collecting electronic signatures with Ignition Perspective applications. This is more than a convenient upgrade; it’s a significant achievement, especially for Life Sciences customers, where electronic signatures are often subject to strict regulations.

Of course, beyond simply collecting signatures, there are a host of other requirements to Part 11, such as assuring data integrity, that must be met in order to achieve regulatory compliance. If you are a Life Sciences manufacturer or partner who is looking for additional guidance, connect with the 4IR Solutions team and ask about our PharmaStack™platform, which includes pre-built templates and documentation for accelerating your path to compliance with Ignition. Click Here to connect with 4IR Solutions today:

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