Operational Resilience: A Critical Component of Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Join 4IR Solutions CTO Joseph Dolivo at the 27th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, FL, Wednesday Feb 8th at 2pm ET for a session on "Operational Resilience: A Critical Component of Digital Transformation and Sustainability".

Session Description

In this session, speakers from leading manufacturers will go over various case studies and highlight how their companies are successfully increasing their Operational Resilience, covering what were the best practices, technologies, tools, and solutions that were successfully deployed, what were the technical and cultural hurdles and challenges that needed to be overcome, as well as what were the actual benefits realized versus the expectations. Persons wanting to learn about Operational Resilience should attend this session to gain insight into real world examples of companies implementing Operational Resilience solutions, what lessons were learned, what significant business value was created, and how did Operational Resilience help to accelerate their digital transformation and sustainability journeys.

Event Speakers
-Jan de Nijs
-Jean-Paul Moniz  
-Pat Sullivan
-Stefano Ottolini

Event Panelists
-Derrick Chambers
-Joseph Dolivo
-Donato Gerardo Pasquale

Event Moderator
-Craig Resnick   

One of the objectives of a company’s digital transformation and sustainability journey, driven by the fact that the only certainty is uncertainty, is to ensure resilient operations that improve a manufacturers capability to overcome business risks. These risks include increasing cybersecurity threats, new regulatory compliance mandates, supply chain disruptions, extremes in weather, and more strenuous plant and personnel safety requirements, all of which are driving demand for Operational Resilience solutions.


Event Link: https://www.arcweb.com/events/arc-industry-forum-orlando/agenda-2023/operational-resilience-critical-component-digital


About Panelist Joseph Dolivo

Joseph is the Chief Technology Officer at 4IR Solutions and designer of the FactoryStack and PharmaStack platforms for manufacturers. For more than a decade, he has focused on modernizing manufacturing by intelligently adopting state-of-the-art technologies and principles from the software industry. Having worked in a variety of key consulting and decision-making roles, Joseph contributes frequently to Inductive Automation’s webinars, blogs, and industry networking within the Ignition partner ecosystem.


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