Video: 4IR Solutions Featured in “Envisioning a Better Ventilator Monitoring Experience with Ignition”

4IR Solutions appears in a new video released by Inductive Automation. The Community Sessions Panel at Inductive Automation’s Ignition Community Conference (ICC) brought together various Ignition users and to share their experiences using the tool. Joseph Dolivo, Principal of Digital Transformation at 4IR Solutions, joined panelists from Pall Corporation, Flexware Innovation and Grantek in this video to discuss how Ignition helped in the effort to build a better ventilator monitoring experience.

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Shortly after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, a network of more than 180 of the brightest minds in medicine and engineering assembled to design and develop an open-source ventilator that can be built quickly, at a low cost, and using commonly available components. LifeMech, the organization leading this effort, developed an Ignition-based prototype for a remote user interface that can display data from multiple ventilators simultaneously, providing nurses and physicians with a faster and safer way of monitoring patient status. This session will bring together some of the contributors to this project, including end users, system integrators and strategic partners, as they discuss this important work and how Ignition made it all possible.

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