VIDEO: Demystifying SAP Connectivity to Ignition with 4IR Solutions, Inductive Automation and Sepasoft

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4IR Solutions joined Sepasoft and Inductive Automation in a new video to discuss: “Demystifying SAP Connectivity to Ignition: Practical Applications of the Sepasoft Business Connector Suite”. In this video Joseph Dolivo, Principal of Digital Transformation at 4IR Solutions, outlined how connecting the world’s most popular ERP system and the world’s first universal industrial application platform can help the plant floor and the business level can share data like never before.

Synchronizing data with ERP systems like SAP has historically been very difficult. This new video demonstrates real-world use cases for connecting Ignition to SAP and other ERP systems and shows how the new Business Connector Suite from Sepasoft drastically lowers the barrier to entry. Joseph joined experts from Inductive Automation and Sepasoft to discuss how to optimize communications between SAP and the Ignition platform, the latter of which is used by thousands of companies worldwide for SCADA, HMI, MES, IIoT, and more.Learn how to:

  • See how the SAP Labs-certified Interface for SAP ERP solves connection pain points
  • Find out how to trigger explicit SAP tasks with Ignition
  • Learn how to go get payloads to use in the Sepasoft MES modules
  • Check out a middleware solution using the Ignition Gateway and the Business Connector
  • And more!

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