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Our plans are customized for a wide range of manufacturers, both small and large.

Instance Size

Instance size impacts the compute resources assigned to your Stack. Need something bigger than Level 3? Contact us for a custom quote.

100GB/month bandwidth cap
100GB storage (after compression)
1-10 devices
5,000 tags
500 tag changes/second
10 concurrent clients

1TB/month bandwidth cap
1TB storage (after compression)
1-100 devices
50,000 tags
5,000 tag changes/second
50 concurrent clients

2TB/month bandwidth cap
2TB storage (after compression)
1-100 devices
150,000 tags
10,000 tag changes/second
100 concurrent clients

Edge Devices

Edge devices provide store-and-forward support and local fallback control in the event of connectivity loss. 4IR-leased edge devices can run either Ignition by Inductive Automation® or Ignition Edge™.


Supply your own cloud instance and edge device licensing or purchase through 4IR. Third-party modules from Sepasoft® and Cirrus Link Solutions, LLC are also supported.

Reuse existing licenses or purchase additional licenses from Inductive Automation®

Purchase licensing through 4IR, including supported Third-Party Strategic Partner modules


We offer optional Site-to-Site (IPsec) and Point-to-Site (OpenVPN) options for heightened security between your sites and the cloud.

All traffic will just be TLS-encrypted

Our edge devices include a built-in OpenVPN client that may be used

IPsec requires a compatible device at the site that must be configured

Disaster Recovery

Choose the backup option that best serves your risk tolerance.

7-day rolling backups of all data in the live system

7-day rolling backups of all data in the live system, as well as 3 years of cold storage

7-day rolling backups of all data in the live system, as well as 7 years of cold storage

Support Level

We offer enhanced 24x7 support for your critical uptime needs.

Get best-effort support via email during weekdays (9am-5pm Eastern)

Get 24x7 support with a 2-hour response time target

Selected Options
Subscription: FactoryStack Core
Instance Size: Level 1
Edge Devices: 0
Licensing: Bring Your Own
VPN: None
Disaster Recovery: No Cold Storage
Support Level: Weekday - Email
Estimated Costs
Recurring Cost: $0.00/month* when billed annually
Up-Front Cost: $0.00
Contact Information
* Pricing assumes a minimum one-year commitment. This estimate does not include sales tax or licensing for Ignition by Inductive Automation®, Ignition Edge™, or Third-Party Strategic Partner modules.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is PharmaStack & FactoryStack?

Industry-standard encryption protects your critical data, both in transit and at rest.

How do you handle your patching?

Security updates are managed and deployed for you, with minimal downtime.

What can we connect to your platform?

Connect anything you'd like! Ignition's robust driver set can connect to on-premise PLCs, databases, web servers, network file shares, and much more.

Do you provide full Ignition designer access?

We sure do! Build whatever you want—you're in control.

What happens if we lose internet connectivity?

Fallback to local control if your site loses Internet connectivity. Store-and-forward ensures your data isn't lost.

What kind of support do you provide?

Ensure peace of mind with optional 24x7 phone support.

Because efficient solutions shouldn't be complicated.

Contact us to find a solution that fits your needs or schedule a call to talk with one of our experts.