Standard Architecture

This architecture highlights the use of FactoryStack in the cloud to connect to a variety of different end points. FactoryStack supports several protocols and different architectures so you can pick and choose the right Cloud/Hybrid/Edge combination for your needs. Shown here are four different types of connections from a local factory or end point.

On the left a standard, local installation of Ignition is shown as being extended and expanded by connecting to FactoryStack in the Cloud. This is commonly used for connecting existing systems together to make information visible globally or on mobile devices being the internet.

Second from the left is an edge to cloud scenario. In this scenario there is often a low-cost hardware device running Ignition Edge installed to collect data from disparate systems or local sensors and provide a robust way of communicating that information to FactoryStack in the cloud for use in an application. This is extremely useful for those looking to collect from existing systems that are using other tools or to add sensing capabilities at scale.

Next is a hybrid FactoryStack. This uses dedicated Hybrid hardware, such as the Stack Edge from Azure, to enable cloud services to be operated on-premises. A hybrid FactoryStack allows for the users to get all the same benefits as a cloud-based implementation while still operating on premise for low latency communication and data storage.

Finally on the right is our new bare metal solution. This solution allows for FactoryStack to be installed on virtually any hardware, in any location. This lets the end user choose the most appropriate hardware for the application and still get the benefits of running the FactoryStack service.

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